Welcome to iphonesale.com.  This site is being developed to help you buy an iPhone, or sell an iPhone, in whatever way you choose.  An iPhone sale should always make two people happy, the iPhone buyer and the iPhone seller.  When an iPhone sale happens on this site, you can feel comfortable knowing that your old iPhone has gone to a good home, and that the iPhone sale will bring you the best possible price for your iPhone.

We will offer you many ways to engage in an iPhone sale.  We want to make sure that you can buy your iPhone any way you want.  Take a look below at the ways we offer, pick your favorite, and buy your iPhone the way you want to.

Authorized Specialty Dealer

We offer a selection of authorized Apple dealers to choose from.  When you decide to buy your iPhone from an authorized Apple dealer, you are dealing with a retailer who has agreed to operate according to Apple’s instructions, and you will be treated exactly the way Apple want you to be treated.  All the terms and conditions will be the same, and you can expect the price to be the same at every dealer.

Major Electronics Dealer

Major electronics dealers can be a great way to achieve your iPhone sale.  They are likely to sell many supporting products, such as accessories, and may offer free shipping and in store warranty service.  When engaging in an iPhone sale online, it can be helpful to have a physical store in your area to go for advice if you have trouble operating the new device.

Online Bidding Auction

Online bidding auctions have become very popular recently.  They offer a great way for the auction winner to save a lot of money on their iPhone.  These auctions offer an iPhone, and participants pay to enter a bid.  Each new bid is typically 1 penny higher than the last. For more details about phones Visit our website www.igadgetsrecycled.co.uk .


There is a countdown clock, and when the clock runs out of time, the last bidder gets the auction item at the closing bid price.  Discounts on an iPhone sale can run as high as 99% off retail price. 

Refurbished Authorized Dealer

Buying a used iPhone from an authorized dealer of refurbished iPhones can be a risk free way to achieve your iPhone sale.  Often these dealers will extend a warranty, and offer service should you need it.  Refurbished iPhones normally come from customers who trade in their old iPhone when a new version comes out, and these iPhones can be in incredibly good condition.


When you are looking to engage in an iPhone sale, an online marketplace can be an attractive place to start.  These sites offer sellers the ability to display their used iPhone for sale, and give details about their individual item.  Buyers can place bids on the item, and the last bidder when time runs out will get the right to buy the iPhone for sale at the closing price.

Direct Classified

This is perhaps the most attractive way to buy a used iPhone.  Sellers market their used iPhones directly, and quote the final price they are willing to accept.  Then it is simply a matter of finding the iPhone that works for you, and completing an iPhone sale.